TWIST DRILL DIN 338 TYPE VA HSSE-CO 5 5.00 mm x 86.00 mm

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Manufacturer: RUKO
Art. No.: 215 050

Application Areas:
Steel (N/mm2) < 900, Steel (N/mm2) < 1100, Rust-resistant steel, Aluminium, Brass, Plastics
Drill Bit Size: 5.00 mm
Total length: 86.0 mm
Flute length: 52.0 mm
DIN: 338
Type: VA
Material: HSSE-CO 5
Surface: Gold surface
Cutting direction:  right hand cutting
Drilling depth: 5 x D
Shank: cylindrical
Point angle: 130°
Profile of flute: normal
Tolerance: h8

Art No. 215 050
Size of Drill bit 5.00 mm
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