Roller Chains

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Steel chain
3/8" 35-1 x 5M 06B-1 x 5M
1/2" 40-1 x 5M 08B-1 x 5M
5/8" 50-1 x 5M 10B-1 x 5M
3/4" 60-1 x 5M 12B-1 x 5M
1" 80-1 x 5M 16B-1 x 5M
1-1/4" 100-1 x 5M 20B-1 x 5M
3/8" 35-2 x 5M 06B-2 x 5M
1/2" 40-2 x 5M 08B-2 x 5M
5/8" 50-2 x 5M 10B-2 x 5M
3/4" 60-2 x 5M 12B-2 x 5M
1" 80-2 x 5M 16B-2 x 5M
1-1/4"" 100-2 x 5M 20B-2 x 5M
Hollow pin chain
Other sizes
40HP-1 x 5M
50HP-1 x 5M
60HP-1 x 5M
80HP-1 x 5M
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