ELAU SCHNEIDER SH140/30200/0/1/00/00/00/01/00 SERVO MOTOR

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Manufacturer: ELAU SCHNEIDER
Model: SH140/30200/0/1/00/00/00/01/00
ID No.: 65014202V006003

Holding torque ambient cooling M0: 27.8 M0[Nm]
Holding torque ambient currrent cooling: 17.6 A
Nominal output power: 3.86 kW
Rated speed: 3000rpm, n max.4000 rpm
Rotor moment of inertia: 12.68 kgcm2
Peak torque: 60.1 Nm
Protection: IP50 (IP65)

Model SH140/30200/0/1/00/00/00/01/00
ID No 65014202V006003
Condition New
Shelf No. 201201

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