Stainless Steel Weld Reducer

Reducer is a joint between two different sizes of pipes in the piping system in order to reduce or increase the flow in the pipeline.

Types of Reducers

Generally, reducers can be machined as welding (socket weld reducer Bushes, butt weld Reducer ), and threaded. However, the finishing form is the difference between Concentric reducers and Eccentric reducers. Otherwise, the reducers’ su finishing founded Extra-High-Polish Metal, dairy Tube Fittings. In addition,

Pipe fittings orders should consider:

  • The standards of manufacturing standards; such as ISO standards, ASTMI standards, ASMI standards, CSA, ANSI standards, DIN Standards, BS Standards, JISC Standards.
  • Stainless steel grade; the manufacturers and suppliers specify the grades of fittings as per order. for instances EN standards ( 1.4301, 1.4948, 1.4401, 1.4436, 1.4404, 1.4435, 1.4541, etc.) or ASTM standards ( 304, 304L, 316 Ti, 321, 904 L, etc.)
  • Connection specifications such as thread connection type (NPT, BSP, BSPT, DIN2999), or weld type e.g. Socket welding or Butt-weld.
  • Line pressure to specify the wall thickness of fittings by schedule, metric, or else.
  • Pipe Line outer diameter size: there are two common pipe size standards, the American (ANSI/ASME/API) standard, which is in imperial
    units, and the European (DIN) system which uses metric units. In the American system, the pipe diameter is
    known as “Nominal Pipe Size” (NPS) or “Nominal Bore” (NB). In the European system, it is known as the
    “Nominal Diameter” (DN).

Jordan Anwar Est. can meet your demands with a wide range of Stainless steel welding Reducer SIZES in most Stainless steel GRADES which are compatible with your pipe network.
Moreover, since we are a professional importer and a reliable reseller in Jordan & Middle East as a stockiest for Piping and Pipeline industries we can fill your requirements with a wide variety of the components you need under one roof for Fittings, Stainless steel pipe, Pumps, Valves, instrumentation, and Line controls.

Available in stoke:

Size: a wide range of sizes, with availability to customized orders
Wall thickness: variable range of Standard Pipe Schedules (sch10,sch40, sch30, sch80, …)
Types: Concentric reducers, Eccentric reducers

Other services:

  • We are proud to be authorized resellers, in Jordan, the middle east, and worldwide.
  • We are ready to provide professional engineering solutions.
  • Supply and apply services.
  • For more information about this product, please contact us


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