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Aluminum Nickel Bronze Alloy Rod

AMS 4640630

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Nickel Aluminum Bronze Round Bar

AMS 4640-C63000 is a forged wrought aluminum bronze alloy that contains nickel and alloyed for exceptional strength and toughness. It is used in heavy-duty applications and has a high resistance to fatigue and exceptional mechanical properties which makes it one of the optimal aluminum bronze alloys for many military and industrial uses. However, it typically machined in forms Aluminum Nickel Bronze Alloy rod, sheet – plate, and pipe – tube.

Bronze Alloys

Globally, bronze typically is being manufactured in a wide variety of alloys that give specific features according to components of each alloy such as alloys including:

  • Phosphor Bronze Round: such as C51000 used in electrical and industrial applications, as well as fasteners.
  • Manganese Bronze: e.g C86300, SAE 430B this alloy is generally used in heavy load applications used as the screw down nuts, gears, bushings, valve stems, bearings, gibs, bridge pins.
  • Aluminum Bronze: 6% – 12% Aluminum, up to 6% iron, 6% nickel. it is known as a high strength metal
  • Silicon Bronze: for instance,  C65500, it is a rugged alloy that has high corrosion resistance.
  • Nickel Brass: a copper-based alloy that contains from 10% to 45% zinc and from 5% to 30% nickel; most often alloyed with brass.
  • Copper Nickel – Cupronickel: is known by the silver in color due to nickel content up to 30%, used for the high salty piping network such as seawater pipeline, heat exchangers and condensers in  systems
  • Tin Bronze Alloy: used for products that deal with high temperatures, extreme pressures, and lots of steam such as valves and piping components

Due to the common specifications; 1045°C Melting Point, 89.0 copper, 10.0 aluminum, 1.0 iron, C95400 Nickel Aluminum bronze is applicable for other equivalent standards; B 148 B 763 ASTM, J461 J462 SAE, 4640 AMS.

Aluminum Nickel Bronze Alloy Applications:

According to the specifications of it, Aluminum nickel bronze round bar and rod can be used in a wide range of applications including:

  • in equipment for the energy markets
  • in aircraft industries
  • for valve spindles and seats
  • for bearings
  • for propeller nuts and shafts
  • high strength bushings
  • for welding Jaws
  • for marine Equipment
  • for gears

Platinum International Company For Industrial Technology can meet most of the customers’ needs by huge size selections of high quality and cost-effective C95400 Aluminum Bronze Rod or round bar products.

Hence, since we are reliable metals and raw materials suppliers – resellers and stockiest for Jordan & Middle East, we can meet all your required services upon request; such as fabrication, surface milling, final assembly, forming, and welding. Furthermore, most cutting methods; Plasma cutting, Laser Cutting, Band saw, Router, Punching, Threading, Cut-to-size and much more.

Available in stock:

The Aluminum Bronze round bar in a wide range of common sizes, with fabrication and forming availability.

Outer Diameter: 16mm – 300mm

Alloy: AMS 4640 – C63000

if you have any inquiry please do not hesitate to contact us with your demands and requirements.

Our services:

  • On request, we can customize your specific demands.
  • Transformation services
  • You can use the metal weight calculator for your reference.
  • Supply and apply services.
  • We are proud to be authorized raw materials and metals resellers in Jordan, the Middle East and worldwide.
  • For more information please contact us.

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