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PVC Curtain

Industrial PVC curtain walls

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Because of its several features, millions of tons of PVC are being consumed around the world. Therefore, professional workers and manufacturers consider that benefits including: flexible, easy to clean, low-temperature resistance, chemical stability, heat insulation, visibility, etc.

However, PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) films -may be called sometimes as- PVC layers, PVC Strip is a smart choice for a variety of applications from warehouses and loading docks to supermarkets and cold storage for example: Showcase refrigerators, room freezers isolating, for chillers. And as PVC plastic door strip, PVC curtains and more.

Furthermore, we involved in offering mounting hardware to provide professional workers with a wide variety of curtains accessories and fittings needed for mounting such as: accordion fold strip door hardware, rail, plate set, rollers, universal strip door mounting, etc.

Since we are reliable metals and materials supplier, we can meet all your custom demands; so we shorten your supply chain.


Width: 20 cm…180cm

Thickness: Up to 5 mm

Our other services:

  • You can use the metal weight calculator for your reference.
  • We are proud to be an authorized PVC reseller in Jordan, the Middle East and international.
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